Growth and Net Pips easily verifiable at MyFxbook with nothing locked.


We follow our own signal and risk our money on it. We’re in this together.


Check past trades, deposits, equity, etc. None are hidden at our verified MyfxBook.


Delivered in easy to follow free Telegram trading signals.


Our MyFxbook checked all boxes in verifying genuine account and trades.

Checking? Why should I bother?

  • It’s Easy to Fabricate Proofs for Manipulation Purposes

    Screenshots and even videos can be made using multiple demo accounts. It is very easy and fast to do. The key is just showing what they want you to see and cover the rest.

  • A Two Minutes Check Can Save Your Time and Money

    The two minutes you spent to check a portfolio will filter those who run their business based on smoke and mirrors. This in turn will save you from wasting your time and money.

  • You Know the Rate of Growth to Expect

    Forex isn’t as magical as you see on social media and you sure won’t get rich overnight from it. Seeing a transparent portfolio will give you better picture on realistic growth you can actually expect per month

SmoothGain Myfxbook

What You Will Get

  • Signal Sent Via Telegram
    Simply join SmoothGain Free Channel and reap the benefit.
  • Honest and Fair Service
    No Gimmicks, No Tricks, No Edit, No Demo/Cent Account Screenshots.
  • Signals on Multiple Pairs – Limitless Possibilities
    Trade on various pairs. There is something to gain at different market.


How do I join?

Simply register a telegram account, log in via your device then click the join channel link  here

Do I have to pay to join?

No, it’s completely free.

What instruments do you trade?

We trade various forex pairs as opportunity arises

How many signal will I get per day?

Depending on market condition and opportunities, you will get between 1 to 3 signals.

I missed a signal, should I still open an order as suggested?

If you missed a signal, check the open price written on the signal. If the differences with current price isn’t more than 10 pips yet, go for it.

How much can I make following your signals?

What you make depends on how often you manage to follow and your lot size. Currently, our net pips is 3290 pips.

Do you recommend any broker?

No. You can use your current preferred broker. If you need guidance, read our tips on how to choose a forex broker.

Do I need to be an experienced trader to follow your signal?

No. But you do need basic understandings on opening a trading account and operating MT4/MT5 to follow the signals.

Why should I follow you and not XYZ?

What we tell you to do, we do it ourselves. And you can verify it.

Join SmoothGain NOW and



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