The Beginning

The SmoothGain project was started after seeing many signal providers or copy trade masters getting away with less than ideal way of running their services:

  1. Questionable/not verifiable portfolio. Usually in the form of screenshots, statement posted on their site, or even just a few lines of “testimonials”
  2. Providers/Masters trade at demo account with zero risk to their capital while followers are expected to risk their real money in addition to pay subscription fee.
  3. Very young account age with stellar performance. This can be easily done by running several demo accounts and publish one that perform the best.

SmoothGain intends to run in the exact opposite way:

  1. Verifiable portfolio at 3rd party site with no interest in our service’s reputation.
  2. All data in portfolio are open to be analyzed. We do not hide trade history or current opened positions. We don’t hide a specific duration of our trades because it looks bad. There are ups and downs in trading and we fully expect our subscribers to be aware of it and make an informed decision when they hit the “subscribe” button.
  3. We trade at real account with real money. We risk our money with every trade just like you as follower risk your money on every trade we make.
  4. At the moment when this is written, we entered our 7th month of trading. We’re not changing account every 1.5 months and will never do such thing.

We’re hoping that by bringing out transparency and risk sharing with our followers, you will be able to make more informed decision in investing your money. If you decide to join us, welcome and enjoy the ride!