Our Portfolio

Portfolio is how we prove ourselves to you and we want to be as transparent as possible. If you already browse around to check many signal providers or copy-trade masters, you would find many “proofs” of their profitability:

  • Screenshots (the most common)
  • Statements from broker that you can read “conveniently” directly on their webpage
  • A table showing loss and profits of multiple orders taken in the past
  • A graphic of their profit over the years
  • Lastly, testimonials

We believe that none of these form of proofs is verifiable and can be trusted blindly. We don’t want to put you in this position and that is why we decided to use 3rd party statistic site with no interest whatsoever in whether you would register with us or not. We chose Myfxbook; you can directly go and check our portfolio here.

Below is the screenshot per 3 October 2018. Needless to say, don’t trust on a screenshot and go check the actual Myfxbook page, that is why that page exist.

SG MasterNow if you’re happy with what you see, you can proceed with registration here:

Otherwise, continue reading below

SG Master Portfolio Highlights

The reason we chose Myfxbook is that with proper knowledge (can be gained in 3 minutes) you can easily separate the good and the bad portfolios. In this environment, it’s very hard for a scammer or a bad trader to hide their losses and act like a profitable trader. Before we proceed to list of points to check, here are some highlights of our portfolio:

  • We aim for 2-8% profit every month. This modest target will ensure the longevity of the account (and yours) and keep the account from getting wiped out from a single bad decision.
  • Our trader never risk more than 10% of the total capital per order opened. This will ensure the position to be able to withstand wide market movement range.
  • We’re trying our best to keep maximum drawdown around 20% (update per January 2019: 23.04 %). An order will not stay open if it turned out to be a threat; if it is a bad decision, we’ll close it and move to the next trade opportunity.
  • Healthy Absolute gain percentage.
  • Myfxbook verified it as belongs to SmoothGain, we don’t use other trader’s portfolio and claim it as our own
  • Track record verified
  • It is a Real account. Many providers trade on demo account, getting profit from subscription without risking their money while you risk your money based on their trade decisions. We put our capital at the same risk as yours. Every time we made bad decision, there are consequences for us.
  • The account has been traded for several months. We did not opened this account last week and got lucky in our trades.
  • Everything is transparent. You can see deposits, account date, trades opened, trades closed, and so on.

Note: checking out a Myfxbook portfolio can be confusing. If you aren’t sure what to check and focus on, see our guide on what to check in a myfxbook portfolio.