The most popular manifestation of automatic trading system is EA (expert advisor) or also known as forex robot. If you have tried some like us, you may already experienced one of these: 1) it failed to deliver, or 2) it delivers for  a while then performance start to decline as market condition changed.

These experiences taught us that even though utilizing EA is not a bad decision, we need a more reliable method to 1) keep it automatic, and 2) have more reliable system in term of profitability that we can use year after year.

SG CopyTrade System

The answer: CopyTrade. The basic idea is using a completely automatic system to copy each trade made by a professional trader to duplicate his result. In SmoothGain, we take it into ourselves to provide a reliable copytrade environment, paired with a strictly selected trader with proven portfolio at the driver seat.

The SG System doesn’t stop there. Despite being reliable in terms of profitability, we are fully aware that our risk management or profit target probably doesn’t suit you. This is where our sophisticated risk setting come into play. By utilizing this setting you can set your trading size (compared to the trader) by modifying risk factor on various risk setting categories.

Why SG CopyTrade System

The SG CopyTrade System is an automatic trading system that is designed to answer your need: to grow your investment via a reliable system, totally safe and automatic.

1. The SG system is operated by a proven professional trader aiming 5-10% growth per month

  • Tired of editable screenshots, unverifiable statements, and claims with no back up?  You can check our entire portfolio here at SG Master, nothing is hidden, everything is real. Here are some pointers to check: REAL account, both track record and trading privileges verified, all trades open to be seen, and drawdown around 20% (indicating safe trade). Read more details about critical ways to evaluate a Myfxbook portfolio here.
  • Have enough of outrageous profit promise only to have your capital wiped out in weeks or months? We don’t aim for 100% profit in a month and lost everything on the next month. Strict money management is the key here: we aim for 5-10% growth every month while keeping our capital (and yours) safe by avoiding high risk trades.
  • We’re trading REAL money, we risk our money on every trade just as you are when you follow the system. There are signal providers out there that trade on demo while asking their follower to risk their capital on real account. We won’t do this; period.
  • Below is a screenshot of SG Master Myfxbook portfolio taken on 3 October 2018 showing average of 9.9% gain per month with 5.6% drawdown (update: due to less predictable market condition towards the end of the year, current status per 15 January 2019 are: 3.45% gain per month with 23.04% drawdown). Note that it’s a verified REAL account, have trading history verified, and it belongs to SG.

2. The SG system has an advanced risk setting, allowing you to risk your capital according to your risk appetite – you’re in control all the time on how much you are willing to risk your money

To explain the concept of risk setting further, check the examples below. These show 2 of 5 risk setting categories available at SG system:

Example A:

Trader: Fund 1000

You: Fund 10000

Risk setting: lot x 10

Since you have 10 times the capital, you decide to follow the trade but 10 times the trade size

Example B:

Trader: Fund 1000

You: Fund 450

Risk setting: Adjusted by balance on risk factor 1

System will modify your trading size based on the ratio between your balance and the trader balance. For example, if the trader open 1 lot, you will open 0.45 lot.

Start In 5 Minutes

You can start now and have everything ready within 5 minutes by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Register an account at SmoothGain

  2. Add your trading account in member area and set the risk setting

  3. Subscribe to our system